Are you having a hard time choosing the right glass for your drink? Do you know which glasses to use when drinking wine? What about cocktails? Well, if you don’t have any idea about any of these things. Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. If you are planning to buy wine online San Diego, here are several things you should know about wine and cocktail glasses.

Cocktail Glassware

  • Lowball Glass

The short tumbler that has a solid base that holds around 6-8 ounces of liquor is called rock glass, old fashioned glass, or lowball glass. The solid base helps with cocktails that need muddled ingredients. You can use this low glass to serve a neat liquor pour.

  • Highball Glass

This type of cocktail glassware is utilized to serve drinks that contain a lot of non-alcoholic ingredients. That’s why it is tall. Oftentimes, it’s utilized interchangeably with the Collins glass. However, this type of glass is wide and shorter in shape.

  • Cocktail Glass

This old-school and classic glass is an inverted cone bowl that can come in a range of sizes. Typically, it can hold around 3-6 ounces of liquid. It’s utilized to serve cocktails that do not include ice. The reason for its shape is that every old-school cocktail will have an appealing smell. The huge mouth enables the nose of the drinker to get close to the drink’s surface and completely enjoy its taste and scent.

Wine Glassware

  • Flute Glass

Sparkling wine requires less surface area. The reason for this is that it helps retain the bubbles and prevent them from going flat right away. That is why the flute glass has a small mouth, thin bowl, and tall height. This type of wine glassware is also utilized for champagne cocktails.

  • White Wine Glass

This type of wine glassware would have a tiny mouth area. Thus, it has a tiny surface area to ventilate so that wine doesn’t oxidize right away. This will help preserve a more delicate and lighter note that white wines will have in general.

  • Red Wine Glass

Glassware for red wine needs to have a rounder and bigger bowl. This will help easily swirl the wine and help to aerate it. In addition to that, you can prevent your hand from warming the wine because of its long stem.

Reasons to Utilize Various Forms of Glassware

Various glassware has evolved to make every various drink better. It might be that you’ve got a cocktail that’s measured perfectly. However, the mouth’s size can help release the fragrance. It might be that you’ve got a great new liquor. However, it can stay cool or can be warmed up once in a glass by the design of it. Proper temperatures and improved smells are two main factors to enhance your drinking experience.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a bottle of wine or make your own cocktail at home, make sure you have the right glass for the right drink to have the best drinking experience.