Whenever you’re in a bar, you’re probably given a choice between a shaken or stirred drink. So, what is the difference between the two? Well, for those who don’t know, there are logical reasons for picking one method over the other. A couple of bartenders say that shaking a cocktail waters down the drink too much. The reason for this is because of the ice chips. On the other hand, stirring is a gentler method.

Unlike craft beer San Diego which you can drink at any time you want, there are a couple of necessary times when a drink should be stirred and not shaken.

When to Drink Stirred Cocktails

Stirring is the ideal method if a mixed drink does not call for ingredients such as egg whites, juice, or dairy. A couple of samples of stirred drinks are Martinis or Manhattans. These forms of drinks don’t benefit from the shaking method. It will lower the overall tasting experience and the ABV of the cocktail.

Some of the most popular stirred cocktails include:

  • Imperial Cocktail

Combined with some bitters, a tiny amount of maraschino liquor, dry vermouth, and gin, this stirred cocktail comes together as an extremely high-class looking drink.

  • Manhattan

The base of this drink is made of some rye whiskey with sweet vermouth. A couple of delicious bitters are also added. This cocktail is one of the most popular stirred cocktails, especially if garnished with orange and cherry.

  • Negroni

This cocktail is made with a couple of Campari, vermouth, and gin. It’s chilled gently with ice before being served. The end result is very tasty when garnished with a zesty orange peel.

When to Drink Shaken Cocktails

There is a rule of thumb that a lot of bartenders go by. The ideal method is to shake the drink if a cocktail has egg whites, sour mix, cream liquors, juice, dairy, or simple syrup. It has a lot to do with the mixed drink’s frothy aesthetics. It perfectly introduces air that generates that frothy appeal of the cocktail.

In addition to that, the shaking technique is also preferred if all of the ingredients of the drink have to be mixed completely. The cocktail will appear extremely cloudy at first. However, it will immediately dissipate. A couple of regular sippers prefer the extra ice chips in their cocktails. The reason for this is that the dilution offers a balance between ingredients that people love.

A couple of common shaken drinks include:

  • Mai Tai

This known cocktail is one of the most common shaken drinks in the world. It has amber and dark rum as a base and combined with lime juice, orange juice, a bit of grenadine, and some sugar.

  • Chocolate Martini

This shaken cocktail is extremely appealing with an ideal mixture and texture. It’s made with vodka, heavy cream, Crème De Cocao, and chocolate liquor.

  • New Orleans Fizz

This is perhaps the most obvious cocktail that requires shaking since it is made up of fleurs d’orange, cream, egg whites, lemon and lime juices, simple syrup, and gin.