How to Stir and Shake Cocktails

The two various types of cocktail methods can be a bit confusing. What’s the difference between shaken cocktails and stirred cocktails? When should you stir a cocktail? When should you shake it?

Particular drinks are meant for shaking. On the other hand, some are meant for stirring. The ingredients of the cocktail play a huge role in the method being used. If you’re planning to buy liquor from an online liquor shop San Diego and make your own cocktail at home, here are several things you should know:

Shaking a Cocktail

The goal of shaking a cocktail is to combine thoroughly the ingredients while also adding dilution from the ice to provide a more palatable and less strong drink. The shaking method is advised for drinks that contain egg whites.

Forms of Cocktail Shakers

There are two basic forms of cocktail shakers. The 2-piece Boston shaker that needs a separate strainer when serving and building particular cocktails and the regular 3-piece shaker that has a built-in strainer. You can use either of them when knowing how to shake a cocktail. It’s just a matter of your personal preferences.

Ideal Cocktail Shaking Method

  • Use ice and fill the shaker halfway.
  • Add the ingredients of the cocktail and the liquor.
  • Close the lid firmly.
  • Use one hand on each piece of the shaker and hold it firmly.
  • Point the shaker away from the customer and vigorously shake over the shoulder for several seconds.

Shake it aggressively. You need to give it a lot of effort since you’re meant to be aggressive compared to stirring the cocktail.

Stirring a Cocktail

Rob Roy, Negroni, and Manhattan are some of the most popular stirred cocktails. This can also be applied to mixed cocktails that are directly built in the same glass they’ll be served in. This includes coke and rum, tonic and gin, and much more.

The objective of stirring is to mix gently the ingredients. Also, it’s meant to melt a bit of ice water to dilute the drink’s taste to make it a bit palatable.

Ideal Cocktail String Method

  • Use ice and fill the mixing glass halfway.
  • Add the ingredients of the cocktail and the liquor.
  • Get your bar spoon and put it inside the glass. Make sure you’re holding the twisted part of the spoon and rotate it gently around the edge of the glass’ interior for 10 to 15 rotations.
  • The most crucial thing is that you don’t stir rapidly the cocktail or with too much vigor. Unlike the aggressive shaking method, you’ve got to keep it smooth and slow when it comes to stirring.

To make things simple. If your drink contains dairy, cream, eggs, or citrus juice, then you’ve got to shake it. Common examples of shaken drinks are Pisco Sour and Margaritas.

On the other hand, if your drink only contains spirits, you need to stir it. This is particularly true if it does not include food ingredients or mixers. Some of the most popular stirred cocktails are Negroni and Manhattan.

Different Glasses for Wine and Cocktails

Are you having a hard time choosing the right glass for your drink? Do you know which glasses to use when drinking wine? What about cocktails? Well, if you don’t have any idea about any of these things. Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. If you are planning to buy wine online San Diego, here are several things you should know about wine and cocktail glasses.

Cocktail Glassware

  • Lowball Glass

The short tumbler that has a solid base that holds around 6-8 ounces of liquor is called rock glass, old fashioned glass, or lowball glass. The solid base helps with cocktails that need muddled ingredients. You can use this low glass to serve a neat liquor pour.

  • Highball Glass

This type of cocktail glassware is utilized to serve drinks that contain a lot of non-alcoholic ingredients. That’s why it is tall. Oftentimes, it’s utilized interchangeably with the Collins glass. However, this type of glass is wide and shorter in shape.

  • Cocktail Glass

This old-school and classic glass is an inverted cone bowl that can come in a range of sizes. Typically, it can hold around 3-6 ounces of liquid. It’s utilized to serve cocktails that do not include ice. The reason for its shape is that every old-school cocktail will have an appealing smell. The huge mouth enables the nose of the drinker to get close to the drink’s surface and completely enjoy its taste and scent.

Wine Glassware

  • Flute Glass

Sparkling wine requires less surface area. The reason for this is that it helps retain the bubbles and prevent them from going flat right away. That is why the flute glass has a small mouth, thin bowl, and tall height. This type of wine glassware is also utilized for champagne cocktails.

  • White Wine Glass

This type of wine glassware would have a tiny mouth area. Thus, it has a tiny surface area to ventilate so that wine doesn’t oxidize right away. This will help preserve a more delicate and lighter note that white wines will have in general.

  • Red Wine Glass

Glassware for red wine needs to have a rounder and bigger bowl. This will help easily swirl the wine and help to aerate it. In addition to that, you can prevent your hand from warming the wine because of its long stem.

Reasons to Utilize Various Forms of Glassware

Various glassware has evolved to make every various drink better. It might be that you’ve got a cocktail that’s measured perfectly. However, the mouth’s size can help release the fragrance. It might be that you’ve got a great new liquor. However, it can stay cool or can be warmed up once in a glass by the design of it. Proper temperatures and improved smells are two main factors to enhance your drinking experience.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a bottle of wine or make your own cocktail at home, make sure you have the right glass for the right drink to have the best drinking experience.

Difference Between Stirred and Shaken Drinks

Whenever you’re in a bar, you’re probably given a choice between a shaken or stirred drink. So, what is the difference between the two? Well, for those who don’t know, there are logical reasons for picking one method over the other. A couple of bartenders say that shaking a cocktail waters down the drink too much. The reason for this is because of the ice chips. On the other hand, stirring is a gentler method.

Unlike craft beer San Diego which you can drink at any time you want, there are a couple of necessary times when a drink should be stirred and not shaken.

When to Drink Stirred Cocktails

Stirring is the ideal method if a mixed drink does not call for ingredients such as egg whites, juice, or dairy. A couple of samples of stirred drinks are Martinis or Manhattans. These forms of drinks don’t benefit from the shaking method. It will lower the overall tasting experience and the ABV of the cocktail.

Some of the most popular stirred cocktails include:

  • Imperial Cocktail

Combined with some bitters, a tiny amount of maraschino liquor, dry vermouth, and gin, this stirred cocktail comes together as an extremely high-class looking drink.

  • Manhattan

The base of this drink is made of some rye whiskey with sweet vermouth. A couple of delicious bitters are also added. This cocktail is one of the most popular stirred cocktails, especially if garnished with orange and cherry.

  • Negroni

This cocktail is made with a couple of Campari, vermouth, and gin. It’s chilled gently with ice before being served. The end result is very tasty when garnished with a zesty orange peel.

When to Drink Shaken Cocktails

There is a rule of thumb that a lot of bartenders go by. The ideal method is to shake the drink if a cocktail has egg whites, sour mix, cream liquors, juice, dairy, or simple syrup. It has a lot to do with the mixed drink’s frothy aesthetics. It perfectly introduces air that generates that frothy appeal of the cocktail.

In addition to that, the shaking technique is also preferred if all of the ingredients of the drink have to be mixed completely. The cocktail will appear extremely cloudy at first. However, it will immediately dissipate. A couple of regular sippers prefer the extra ice chips in their cocktails. The reason for this is that the dilution offers a balance between ingredients that people love.

A couple of common shaken drinks include:

  • Mai Tai

This known cocktail is one of the most common shaken drinks in the world. It has amber and dark rum as a base and combined with lime juice, orange juice, a bit of grenadine, and some sugar.

  • Chocolate Martini

This shaken cocktail is extremely appealing with an ideal mixture and texture. It’s made with vodka, heavy cream, Crème De Cocao, and chocolate liquor.

  • New Orleans Fizz

This is perhaps the most obvious cocktail that requires shaking since it is made up of fleurs d’orange, cream, egg whites, lemon and lime juices, simple syrup, and gin.